March 5, 2009

Women’s History Month

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Women’s history month is an annually celebrated month in North America.  In October it is celebrated in Canada, some may say this month seems over looked in Canada.  But, not to freight because in the United States Women’s history month is celebrated in March.  So, in honor of women worldwide Sound On Sight will be celebrating women with North America this March 2009.

Stay tuned for my film picks for women’s history month and exciting headlines of the past and present!




Happy Women’s History Month to all!

2009 Theme of Women’s History Month

According to NWHP (National Women’s History Project) the 2009, the National Women’s History Project honors women who have taken the lead in the environmental or “green” movement.  For more information about the NWHP, please visit their website:



The NWHP (National Women’s History Project) is honoring two female filmmakers: Tammy Cromer-Campbell and Roswitha Augusta. Both Campbell and Augusta’s work explores the realistic actions completed by society that are damaging the earth and will continue to damage the earth if no change occurs.

These female filmmakers raise awareness, which is overlooked and overheard by government agencies and large corporations.  If you are interested in viewing these films and learning about the environmental problems I highly recommend the watch. However, you may have some troubles finding Roswitha Augusta’s film Preserving the Future, that being said, I suggest you scout out any film festival within your area or inquire about this film at any public, college or university library as they may carry small independent films as such.  For Tammy Cromer-Campbell you will not have any problems finding her film Environmental Justice in the USA as Campbell has created a website specifically for the exhibition of her short documentary.  To view Campbell’s film please go to: 


Environmental Justice in the USA

Tammy Cromer-Campbell photographer, author and filmmaker is one of the many valued woman being honored for her environmental awareness and contributions within the United States for the 2009 Women’s History Month. 

Campbell’s film Environmental Justice in the USA explores environmental injustices within specific regions in the USA: Minnesota, Texas and Washington.  Campbell shows the negative and detrimental effects of the working class as corporate industrial plants and mills surround them.  These detrimental injustices illustrate how a majority of the lives once lived around these environmental hazards are taken by infectious diseases such as cancer. 

The aesthetics of this short documentary make for a visually captivating watch, as a majority of the work is contrived by the use of Campbell’s black and white photography that is intercut with video footage, while followed by text and voice over narration.

If further interested by Campbell’s work please note that this short film was also completed as a book entitled With Fruit of the Orchard/Environmental Justice in East Texas.  This film should be given credit by all North Americans, as these environmental issues are present through the United States and Canada. On Campbell’s website, she writes: “The Federal Environmental Protection Agency states that Environmental Justice is the entitlement of all people to a clean and healthy environment where you live, work, and play.” 

Watch Environmental Justice in the USA as Campbell’s achieved theme proves the wrong play bad the government, as according the Campbell the “government overlooks areas of the United States that are populated with mainly lower-income minorities that live with toxins penetrating their homes daily”.  

For more information on filmmake Tammy Cromer-Campbell, please visit:

Ali McKinnon


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